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22 July 2008

Dear Friends of Tinfish Press:

I am writing to ask for your support for several upcoming projects by Tinfish Press. I’d like to describe them to you so that you’ll feel enthusiastic about supporting our publications of experimental poetry from the Pacific region. All gifts are tax deductible.

Already this year, we’ve published two full-length books, Meg Withers’s A Communion of Saints, a prose poetic elegy for men who died of AIDS in 1980s Honolulu, and Hazel Smith’s The Erotics of Geography (with cd-r), a selection of that British-Australian poet’s page and performance poems. We printed a new corrected edition of Lisa Kanae’s important work, Sista Tongue, which is widely taught in universities and schools here and on the mainland. We are in the process of having Barbara Jane Reyes’s book, Poeta en San Francisco, reprinted. This book won a James Laughlin award and has been near the top of the SPD best-seller lists for a couple of years now. The New York Times indie list this past Sunday showed the book at #2. Even my dean noticed! Many of our publications have been taught at the university and high school levels; please consider “adopting” our books for your courses, if you teach.

We will publish four more Tinfish products this summer and fall. Tinfish 18 features long poems by poets such as Mani Rao, Lyn Xu, Alysha Wood, Norman Fischer, and Endi Hartigan. Tinfish 18 ½ will be a perfect bound book of word games and poems designed by our Art Director, Gaye Chan, curated by MFA student Lian Litvin, and featuring work by recent stellar M.A. graduates of the UH English department and students in the art department, as well as more established artists. This book will be fun and interactive. Craig Santos Perez’s full-length volume, from unincorporated territory, engages colonial histories, family, and language(s); it’s a marvelous first book for him, and fits our mission to a T. Finally, we are working on a chapbook by Norman Fischer, zen priest and poet.

With all of these projects coming together at once, our coffers are emptying quickly. Please give through our website (www.tinfishpress.com) or send a check to the above address. We will acknowledge you on our website, if you give us permission to do so. Tinfish Press is a non-profit organization, so your gifts will be tax-deductible.


Susan M. Schultz
Editor, Tinfish Press

* * *

In the meantime, my blurb for Craig’s forthcoming from unincorporated territory is as follows:

In Craig Santos Perez’s from unincorporated territory we hear the movement of the Pacific Ocean; turning each page we hear the oars of the people navigating this ocean. This is a smart, formalistically rigorous, and unapologetically political collection of poetry. Personal, tender, and tough, Perez’s poems, collages of text and images offer a necessary critical, historical perspective on American ownership, Western tourism, and simultaneous erasure of the island of Guam. from unincorporated territory rejects the blank space on American maps and in American consciousness. This is a very satisfying read that I will return to again and again.

* * *

So there’s that.


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