I haven’t heard from poet and novelist Bino Realuyo in a long time; you may remember him as the author of The Gods We Worship Live Next Door and The Umbrella Country. I’d been wondering what he’s been doing. Then just the other day, he resurfaced to point us to his page of Filipino American authored books and their covers, published since 2005. Bino points out that none of the book covers include “exotic” images, no coconut trees and the like.

Not sure why 2005 is his cut-off year, though we can see from his web page that much work has been produced and published in our community in a rather small amount of time. We see this has happened in all kinds of places in the American publishing world/industry.

As well, he points to my comprehensive Filipino American Literature Bibliography, which I’ve been continuously updating since I created it in August 2006. The original reason I created the list was for Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales’s book Pin@y Educational Partnerships: A Filipino/o American Studies Sourcebook, Volume I: Philippine and Filipina/o American History, which I believe was released early this year. So this is why my Fil Am Lit bibliography includes a non-fiction, literary and art criticism section. This is why it also includes some of the works of playwrights with whom she’s been professionally affiliated (she has taught or currently teaches their work).

For my purposes, I am thinking of omitting the aforementioned non-fiction section, and some of the playwrights whose works are anthologized, rather than in single-authored full-length collections.

But anyway, so there’s that. High output community, we are, as also evidenced by these Eastwind Books of Berkeley tables at a UC Berkeley event couple of years ago:


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