Sweetie: A Poem


Sinless Sweetie sells self
Sweetie sells cyborg sex

Sweetie seduces schoolgirl sexy
Sweetie submits sugar self

Circle swoop score Sweetie
Spread Sweetie, savor Sweetie

Soft Sweetie, siren Sweetie
Spank Sweetie, sully Sweetie

Slit slanty slyph Sweetie
Sweetie’s starving, save Sweetie

Simply sumptuous, Sweetie sins
Sweetie satisfies, Sweetie serves


Barbara Jane Reyes

Author of Gravities of Center, Poeta en San Francisco, and Diwata. Adjunct professor in Philippine Studies at University of San Francisco.


  1. slanty slymph… what a bullet of a poem. sibilants and images seep through the teeth

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