Progress Note

Haaay! Miss Philippines won Miss Universe. I was thinking about what “the universe” knows about Filipinos. Pacquiao, and now Pia. What else? Not much. My previous manuscript, Invocation to Daughters, has at its core, my concerns about Jennifer Laude, Mary Jane Veloso, Julieta Yang, Izabel Laxamana. The photographs of Xyza Cruz Bacani. Please look them up if these names are not at all familiar to you. These are Filipinos that “the universe” which Pia represents, does not know.

Hey Lady: Notes

Hey, did I ever tell you about the time that I received a letter from a 17-year old Pinoy after I did a class visit. He told me I should smile. He asked me why I’m so damn angry. He told me I don’t get none from my husband and that must be why I’m pissed. This was before I went to grad school. I wonder what ever happened to this punk. Is he terrorizing some poor Pinay girlfriend or wife with his assholery.

Who told him it was OK to talk to people like that.