Questions: Teaching and Syllabus

I am at a loss trying to instill a love of books in my students. As an author, I love the book. This is a no brainer for me. I love the feel of book, textures of pages, weight of cover stock, book smell, the feel of the perfect bound spine, the look of a beautiful body font. When your name’s on the cover, that’s another thing altogether. Some of my best memories involve being immersed in a book, loving the narrative or the language or the characters so much, I feel legit sadness when I am through reading. As an old person, I prefer the book to the e-book. I wear the hell out of the books I study. My notes and underlines etc. are all in 0.7 mechanical pencil. I dog ear. I have sticky notes everywhere. I love analog interface. I love the thoughtfulness that the book enables, encourages, makes possible. It isn’t just data or information easily retrievable on the internet. Is this generational chauvanism I’m enacting here.