Map Poem

TFW -Americans- say to me.clipular

Some things about this “map poem.” I have tentatively entitled it TFW “Americans” Say To Me.

This will be an ongoing project; I have no idea how something like this will/can eventually be published. You may ask how this is a poem. I am not sure yet. There’s the possibility of screen shots, though I like the interactive quality of the Google Map.

What I do know is that I am interested in mapping the specific locations and direct quotes gathered from WOC about their racialized, gendered, fucked up encounters in the world. That said, I need specific locations, landmarks, intersections, store names, et al. And I need direct quotes. As verbatim as possible.

Why? Because I think we all suffer from this fatigue, that no one believes us when we talk about what happens to us in the world. If they do hear us, people think we are blowing things totally out of proportion. That it’s no big deal. That we should be flattered. That people are well meaning and genuinely curious.

So then consider the fatigue, the cumulative effects of ongoing catcalling, exoticizing, assumption making. Consider the sheer volume. Consider that it happens every day of our lives. And consider the things people feel are perfectly OK to say to our faces. Verbatim.

I am still trying to figure out what the best way of organizing is; there are “Layers” in Google Maps. I don’t know what to do with these yet.

More to come. You can see my progress here.

If you are a WOC, and you would like to contribute, please contact me with (1) a direct quote (as verbatim as possible), and (2) a precise as possible location that is mappable. Thank you!

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