Nevertheless, #ShePersisted

Nevertheless, #ShePersisted, a locofo poetry chapbook anthology from Moria Poetry!


Shirley Ancheta “Strike: Salinas, 1933”
Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo “The Body is an Ocean Weeping.”
Tara Betts “She Persisted.”
Irene Faye Duller “maganda isn’t yours.”
Megan Kaminski “Riot Love Poem,” “Your lines are as long and despondent as our own.”
Raina J. León “poet : code’s story,” “poet reads the bloodlust news.”
Margaret Rhee “What We Write, What We Believe: An Asian American Poet’s Manifesto After the Third World Gay Revolution (1972),” “Day 0.”
ire’ne lara silva “the geo-physics of de-tribalization,” “October 12, 2013.”
Lehua M. Taitano “hyphenation,” “Kituwah.”
Angela Narciso Torres “Feather.”
Vickie Vértiz “Dictation.”

Paper copies can be purchased for $5.00!