KTEP Words on a Wire with Daniel Chacón.
NEA Art Works Blog with Rebecca Sutton.
The Conversation at the BBC World Service: Asian American Women, with Yiyun Li, interviewed by Lauren Shiller. 
Litseen: On Writing that is Unapologetically Intense, with Rebecca Samuelson.
Balitang America with Rommel Conclara. 
Hyphen: On the Filipino-Latino Connection, with Abigail Licad.
Asian Journal with Malou Liwanag-Bledsoe.
Push: Voices into the Spotlight, with Rochita Loenen-Ruiz.
TAYO Literary Magazine with Melissa Sipin.
Jacket2 with Craig Santos Perez.
Lantern Review with Iris Law and Mia Ayumi Malhotra.
Asian American Press with Bryan Thao Worra.
The Rumpus with Brian Spears.
National Book Critics Circle: Small Press Spotlight with Rigoberto González.
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Some of my poems are available online at the following websites:

Poetry Society of America.
So to Speak: a feminist journal of language and art.
Prairie Schooner.
The Brooklyn Rail.
Apogee Journal.
The Margins.
Hinchas de Poesia.
Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology.
Matter Monthly.
Connotation Press.
Lantern Review.
Academy of American Poets.
Poetry Foundation and Poetry Magazine.
The Drunken Boat.
Action Yes.


Invocation to Daughters reviewed at Ploughshares.
Invocation to Daughters reviewed at Library Journal. [starred review]
Invocation to Daughters reviewed at Publishers Weekly. [starred review]
To Love as Aswang reviewed at Tayo Literary Magazine.
To Love as Aswang reviewed at The Halo-Halo Review.
To Love as Aswang reviewed at The Rumpus.
For the City That Nearly Broke Me reviewed at Lantern Review.
For the City That Nearly Broke Me reviewed at Somos en Escrito.
For the City That Nearly Broke Me reviewed at San Antonio Current.
Diwata reviewed at Lantern Review.
Diwata reviewed at North American Review.
Diwata reviewed at Coal Hill Review.
Diwata reviewed at Hyphen.
Diwata reviewed at Rattle.
Poeta en San Francisco reviewed at Indiana Review.
Poeta en San Francisco reviewed at American Poet.
Poeta en San Francisco reviewed at Rain Taxi.
Poeta en San Francisco reviewed at Galatea Resurrects.
Poeta en San Francisco reviewed at Blue Fifth Review.
Gravities of Center reviewed at MELUS.
[More links are forthcoming]