Poeta y Diwata: A Playlist for KMWR’s Rhythm & Muse

Yay! Tomorrow afternoon, I will be on KWMR’s Rhythm & Muse, to be interviewed by Brian Kirven, and to read poetry from Poeta en San Francisco and Diwata. This in itself is awesomeness, but even more awesome is that I’ve been asked to bring some music. What follows is my (tentative) playlist, something like a soundtrack, not completely faithful to the original writing process, but for sure faithful to (poetic, historical, and cultural) intent:

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Starting: Source Materials

Is it just me, or do other writers and artists get this giddy and anxious feeling about starting a project. What I have in mind is barely fleshed out, but a few contributing factors to this thing I want to/have to write are these:

(1) Thomas Merton on silence, on a poet’s living in silence, on living a life of poetry rather than “ridiculous” editorialism. This is something I really need to take to heart, in the deepest way possible.

(2) Grace Nono‘s recent Bay Area visit, performance, and conversation. To read: her book The Shared Voice: Chanted and Spoken Narratives from the Philippines. And again, as she told us during her recent visit, she’s only scratched the surface of Philippine oral traditions after 15 years of finding her way in and immersing herself in it. I have noticed (it’s hard not to notice) how much tighter and focused, how cohesive as a project or cycle each subsequent CD is. Imagine what Nono’s work will be like in another five years, in another ten years. Just phenomenal.

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