Poetry Foundation: Indie Publishing: Two Questions and Several Answers

My 17th post, Indie Publishing: Two Questions and Several Answers, is up on the Poetry Foundation blog. For this post, I’ve asked Eileen Tabios, Francisco Arag√≥n, Reb Livingston, and Rusty Morrison the following questions: Why did you start your small press/why did you become an independent publisher? What need was not being met by the existing presses? Read their responses.


Literary Terms: Rachel McKibbens's 'Pink Elephant'

Something of a fruitful discussion is going on over at the Poetry Foundation blog, in response to my Rachel McKibbens post. It isn’t directly regarding her work, since as the commenters go, I seem to be the only who has read her book (it’s barely been released, and her book launch is next week), and Amber may be the only one who has seen her perform, and as for everyone else, they are concerned with terminology. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but I think it has the potential to be objectifying. It is strangely distancing, but how does one engage a poet s/he hasn’t read or seen perform.

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